Jack Mitchell

Second cross-Canada Tour

My second cross-Canada tour was a much bigger deal than Rhapsodic Tour 2000 and involved extensive planning for more than a year in advance. We started in Vancouver on April 12th, 2005, and ended in St. John's May 31st. In total we reached more than 1600 Canadians of every sort: young and old, rich and poor, anglophone and francophone, with or without much knowledge of Canadian history.

Tour Blog

We kept a Tour Blog throughout the Tour; unfortunately the images seem to have vanished from Blogspot, but the text is still there. Start at the bottom to follow our progress; at the top are some End of Tour Statistics, which I reproduce:

Total days of Tour: 50
Days featuring a performance: 28
Days driving: 15
Days off / devoted to logistics: 8
Ferries taken: 7
Total kilometers travelled: 11 675
=Total miles travelled: 7,254)
Total cups of Tim Horton's coffee enjoyed: as countless as the grains of sand in the Libyan desert
Total hours of documentary digital video footage filmed: 46
Total gigabytes of documentary digital video footage: 552
Number of print interviews given: 4
Number of radio interviews given: 7
Number of TV interviews given: 1
Number of blog entries: 61
Total schools performed at: 16
Total school performances: 29
Total public performances: 13
Total performances: 42
Total audience for school shows: 1315
Total audience for public shows: 292
Total audience: 1607
Average length of performance, in verses: c. 450
Total verses performed: c. 18900
Total verses in the Iliad: c. 16000
Average length of time to deliver one verse, in seconds: c. 5
Total length of time spent performing verses, in hours: c. 26

Tour Pictures

Tour Materials

The Dominion Institute produced a fine Tour Brochure and put out a press release announcing the start of the Tour on 6 April. I also created a Teacher's Guide to the Siege of Quebec and Homeric Epic Poetry, some Activity Questions for students, and A Quick History Lesson.

Epic Tour Team

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Myself, performer of poem and main writer of Tour Blog.

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David Mitchell, my brother, general consultant on and documenter of the Tour.

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Annie Forget, Programme Coordinator for the tour at the Dominion Institute.

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Alison Faulknor, Managing Director of the Dominion Institute.

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Rudyard Griffiths, founder and executive director of the Dominion Institute.


Tour 2005 Print Coverage

  • Canadian press story by Scott Edmonds. This appeared in the following papers:

Tour 2005 Radio Coverage

  • CBC Radio 1 (Toronto) Here and Now (3 May 2005) with host Marichka Malnyk
  • Radio-Canada (Ontario) Les arts et les autres (6 May 2005) with producer Alain Godbout (in French).
  • CBC Radio 1 & 2 Bunny Watson (7 May 2005 and 8 May 2005) with host Bill Richardson
  • CBC Radio 1 (Ottawa) All in a Day (9 May 2005) with host Brent Bambury.
  • CBC Radio 1 (Quebec City) Breakaway (24 May 2005)
  • CBC Radio 1 (St. John's) Radio Noon (31 May 2005); interview by Heather Barrett
  • CBC Radio 1 (Quebec City) Breakaway (3 June 2005)

Post-Tour Coverage

  • Interview with CBC Radio in Halifax (10 March 2009). I talked with Phylis McGregor about the significance of the poem and the anniversary of the battle (it was then the 250th anniversary).
  • Interview with KZSU, Stanford student radio (2005).