Jack Mitchell

The Ancient Ocean Blues

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The Ancient Ocean Blues is a historical adventure novel for Young Adult readers, set in Ancient Rome.

Corruption, intrigue, shipwreck, pirate battles — it all starts when likeable teenager Marcus Oppius is unwittingly involved in "promoting" the up-and-coming Julius Caesar in a Roman election. Soon Marcus is following an enemy agent across the sea, hoping to stop Cicero from controlling Rome. If Marcus succeeds, he will find himself on the inner circles of Roman power. If he fails, he faces exile — or worse.

The Ancient Ocean Blues can happily be read on its own, but it also serves as the sequel to The Roman Conspiracy. Several characters from the first book appear again here — Aulus, Cicero, and the overeducated Homer — and the main story takes place only a few months after The Roman Conspiracy ends, in 62 BC. There is a sequel to The Ancient Ocean Blues: Chariots of Gaul.

The Ancient Ocean Blues is available on Amazon or may be ordered from your local bookseller. There is an audiobook of the novel, narrated by the author.