Jack Mitchell

Poems in English

Here is a selection of my lyric poems in English from before 2020.

Since April 2021 I have been publishing a poem a day in the daily newsletter of The Hub, a new forum for smart, readable discussion of Canadian politics and public policy. If you'd like to see them, subscribe to The Hub!

Poems in Latin

It may seem quixotic to compose poems in Latin in the 21st century, but in fact there are a number of contemporary Latin poets continuing the 2200-year tradition. My efforts have been small but I offer here a few of my more successful attempts.

Translation projects

As a fan of 18th-century English literature, I have always appreciated translations into more challenging forms, chief among them that of the heroic couplet. Over the years I've been attempting to translate the Roman poets Juvenal and Propertius into this form, and I offer here some examples of that ongoing project, together with some miscellaneous translations of ancient poets.